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Voting Instructions

New Optical Scan Voting System

What is Optical Scan Voting?

An optical scan ballot will be used instead of the punch ballots. An optical scan ballot is similar to multiple choice tests you took in High School and College.

When was this system implemented?

Optical scan voting began with the 2009 City of Lewiston election on November 3rd, 2009.

Why did we change voting systems?

Our old punch card system of voting no longer has sufficient support for maintenance, parts or materials to conduct a reliable election.

What does the new optical scan ballot look like?

Ballot example

How Do I use the new optical scan ballot?

  • To vote, completely FILL-IN THE OVAL directly to the left of the name of the candidate for whom you are voting.
  • DO NOT check mark or cross out oval, or circle the candidate’s name. DO NOT make notes, comments or any other marks on your ballot-stray marks may affect your ballot when being counted.
  • For write-in candidates, FILL IN THE OVAL located directly to the left of the write-in space and write in the name of the candidate on the line provided.
  • If you tear, spoil, or otherwise make a mistake when marking your ballot, ask the poll worker for a new ballot.
Fill in oval example

How are the optical scan ballots counted?

Ballots are tabulated by a machine that scans the ballot for the darkened ovals and records those marks as votes.



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