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General Election
Nez Perce County, Idaho
November 4, 2008

Nez Perce County
*** United States Offices ***
Legislative District #7
*** Nez Perce County Offices ***
*** Judicial Non Partisan ***
*** Conservation District ***
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Nez Perce County
Precincts Counted37100.00%
Registered Voters21957100.00%
Election Day Registrations0
Total registered Voters0
Ballots Cast1834483.55%

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*** United States Offices ***

United States President
Chuck Baldwin (Con)820.46%
Bob Barr (Lib)720.40%
John McCain (Rep)1035758.11%
Ralph Nader (Ind)1891.06%
Barack Obama (Dem)712339.97%
Write-in: Jonathan Allen (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Jose M. Aparicio (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Lawson M Bone (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Jerry Carroll (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Santa Claus (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: James D Criveau (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Mark Elgan (Amer)00.00%
Write-in: Gene Hinkle (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Ronald G. Hobbs (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Keith R Judd (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Alan Keyes (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: James E Lundeen (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Cynthia McKinney (Gre)00.00%
Write-in: Rv MerePeace-MsMere(MP)00.00%
Write-in: Brian Moore (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Frank Moore (Ind)00.00%
Write-in: Janet L. Reid (Con)00.00%
Write-in: Lynne A Starr (Ind)00.00%

United States Senator
Larry LaRocco (Dem)760042.92%
Kent A. Marmon (Lib)1901.07%
Pro-Life (FKA M Richardson)(Ind) 2521.42%
Rex Rammell (Ind)4232.39%
Jim Risch (Rep)924152.19%
Write-in: Kevin Volkmann (Dem)00.00%

U.S. House of Representatives
Walt Minnick (Dem)988256.59%
Bill Sali (Rep)758143.41%

*** Idaho State Offices ***

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Legislative District #7

State Senator
Barb Kramer (Dem)684238.52%
Joe Stegner (Rep)1092061.48%

State Representative Position A
Liz Chavez (Dem)13430100.00%

State Representative Position B
John Rusche (Dem)13608100.00%
Write-In: David L. Mosher (Ind)00.00%

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*** Nez Perce County Offices ***

County Commissioner District #1
JR Van Tassel (Dem)805446.26%
Mike Grow (Rep)935853.74%

County Commissioner District #2
Ron Wittman (Dem)13273100.00%

County Sheriff
Dale Buttrey (Dem)911052.61%
Steve Jenkins (Rep)809046.72%
Write-In: David Estes (Ind)1170.68%

Prosecuting Attorney
Daniel L. Spickler (Rep)14307100.00%

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*** Judicial Non Partisan ***

Magistrate Judge
Jay P. Gaskill

Magistrate Judge
Gregory K. Kalbfleisch

Magistrate Judge
Kent J. Merica

Port Commissioner Dist 1
Todd L. Maddock13874100.00%

Port Commissioner Dist 3
Jerry Klemm13700100.00%

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*** Conservation District ***

District Supervisors
Vote for 3
John P. Hermann1200432.65%
Dale E. Nichols1245233.87%
Kyle J. Wilson1230533.47%

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