Nez Perce County Elections
Office of Patty Weeks, Nez Perce County Clerk


Voting in Nez Perce County is as easy as...
1., 2., 3. , 4.


Signing the pollbook. 1. Sign pollbook to receive a ballot.
Once the voter signs the pollbook, the voter will receive a ballot with the names of the candidates and measures printed on it.

2. Go to the Voting Booth
3. Vote your ballot.
The voter takes the ballot to a booth and votes by using the stylus provided. When voting for a candidate or a measure, the voter should completely punch through the hole beside the candidate or measure of choice.
 4.  Return your ballot to the election judges.
Once the voter has finished voting, the voter returns the ballot to the election judges who will mark the pollbook to show that you have voted and place the ballot in the ballot box. 

After the polls close at 8 p.m., ballots are taken to the counting center at Nez Perce County Courthouse, 2nd floor by the election judges or Sheriff's deputies.  Results are tabulated by the elections staff and will be made available as the ballots are counted..