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  • Please review the instructions and suggestions below, this will help you while viewing your precinct information.
  1. Street Side - Some city streets are the division point for two precincts, which places the Even and Odd sides of one street in two different precincts.  If your street happens to be one of these you will notice multiple records returned for your home address, one will have an E in the Street Side column and one will have an O in the Street Side column.  If you have returned a record that has a B in the Street Side column, it means that Both even and odd sides of your street are contained by that one precinct.  Basically ignore it if your home address is on a B (Both) street. 
    **An example would be 454 Bryden Ave Lewiston. Two records are returned, one for the Even side and one for the Odd side of the street.  454 is an Even number so those voters would vote in the 18th precinct.  If they lived at 455, they would vote in the 16th precinct because 455 is on the odd side of the street and Bryden Ave is the division point between precincts 16 and 18 in this case. 
  2. Street_Number - When entering your home address just use numbers, do not add letters, spaces or 1/2s.
    **An example would be if you lived at 902 1/2 10th Ave Lewiston, you need to enter just 902 in the Street_Number box.
  3. Street_Name - You need to scroll to select your street name.
  4. Questions? - Review 1 through 3 above or call Nez Perce County at 208-799-3020.  
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 For more information contact:
1230 Main Street
PO Box 896
Lewiston, Idaho 83501
Phone:  (208) 799-3020
Fax:  (208) 799-3070

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