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Sheriff's Office Press Releases 2016
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DocumentSize (Kb)
16-01P Non Injury Crash.pdf71.81
16-02P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.83
16-03P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.16
16-04P Annual Report.pdf73.12
16-05P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.43
16-06P Suicidal Person.pdf72.06
16-07P Officer Involved Shooting.pdf75.87
16-08P ATK Crash.pdf72.88
16-09 DUI Crash.pdf72.39
16-10 3 Vehicle Injury Crash.pdf73.25
16-11P Unknown Injury Accident.pdf72.41
16-12P Suspicious.pdf72.64
16-13P Impaired Driving Grant.pdf71.99
16-14P Pursuit.pdf73.91
16-15P Unconcious Person.pdf72.72
16-16P Injury Crash.pdf72.66
16-17P Traffic Hazard.pdf71.89
16-18P Attentive Driving Mobilization.pdf72.99
16-19P Injury Crash.pdf71.99
16-21P SuspiciousUpdate.pdf73.58
16-21P SuspiciousUpdateFinal.pdf75.68
16-22P Domestic.pdf72.67
16-23P Hit and Run UPDATE.pdf72.35
16-23P Hit and Run.pdf71.93
16-24P Unknown Injury Crash.pdf72.01
16-25P Eluding.pdf72.18
16-26P Injury Crash.pdf72.19
16-27P Seat Belt Enforcement.pdf71.96
16-28P Hit and Run.pdf72.43
16-28P Hit and RunUPDATE.pdf72.72
16-28P Hit and RunUPDATE2.pdf72.60
16-29P Missing Persons.pdf72.92
16-30P Fire.pdf72.60
16-31P Burglary Eluding.pdf73.56
16-32P Recreational Accident.pdf72.96
16-33P Missing Person.pdf72.72
16-34P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.58
16-35P Non Injury Accident.pdf72.21
16-36P Mising ATV driver.pdf72.09
16-37P Summer Mobilization.pdf72.28
16-38P Roll Over Accident.pdf35.06
16-39P Impaired Driving Grant.pdf71.96
16-40P Waterways.pdf71.80
16-41P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.61
16-42P Vehicle Crash.pdf72.02
16-43P Summer Mobilization.pdf71.91
16-44P Stolen Vehicle.pdf72.07
16-46P Unconscious.pdf71.99
16-47P Waterways.pdf72.10
16-48P Mobilization Grant.pdf72.13
16-49P Eluding.pdf73.54
16-50P Fire.pdf72.58
16-52P Impaired Driving Grant.pdf71.92
16-53P ATV Collision.pdf72.26
16-53PA ATV Collision.pdf72.32
16-54P Robbery.pdf73.01
16-55P Injury Collision.pdf72.60
16-56P Vehicle Fire.pdf72.70
16-57P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.11
16-58P School Incident.pdf72.38
16-59P Kidnapping Agg. Assault.pdf73.53
16-60P Cougar Sighting.pdf71.70
16-61P Fatal Crash Update.pdf72.22
16-61P Fatal Crash.pdf71.92
16-62P Unknown Injury Crash.pdf72.32
16-64P Roll Over Crash Amended.pdf72.13
16-65P Missing Person Amended.pdf71.77
16-66P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.00
16-67P Seat belt Mobilization.pdf72.02
16-68P Injury Crash.pdf72.53
16-69P Missing Hunter.pdf72.54
16-70P Non Injury Crash.pdf71.76
16-71P Injury Collision.pdf72.75
16-72P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.54
16-73P Non Injury Crash.pdf72.60
16-74P Injury Crash.pdf72.35
16-75P Impaired Driving Mobilization.pdf71.83
16-76P Stranded Motorist.pdf73.09
16-81P Non Injury Collision.pdf72.64
16-82P Non Injury Collision.pdf72.14
16-N65P Missing Person.pdf72.15
Concealed Carry law Press Release.pdf57.50


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