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Juvenile Probation General Information

By a legislative act in 1995, the state of Idaho removed juvenile justice from the state of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and created the Department of Juvenile Corrections. Contained within the language of the Juvenile Corrections Act was specific language that established county operated probation offices throughout the state.

In September, 1995, this office came into existence.

As stated in our mission statement, and as embraced through the "Balanced Approach", juvenile offenders must be given an individualized assessment, and any orders of the Court must fully satisfy the three core elements to the Balanced Approach: Accountability, Competency Development, and Community Protection.

Today there are a multitude of programs and opportunities for youthful offenders to repay the victim and the community for their delinquent acts. For more information on the types of programs, please see the tab called "Community Programs" for more information.

Understanding How the Juvenile Justice System Works in Idaho - A Handbook for Families

Standard Probation Agreement

  1. I understand that I am required to obey all laws whether they be Federal, State or local;
  2. I understand that I will not change my residence, leave Nez Perce County, or leave the state of Idaho without first obtaining permission from my Probation Officer;
  3. I understand that I shall report regularly in person or in writing as required by my Probation Officer;
  4. I understand that I am to attend school every day school is in session, unless properly excused or to seek and/or maintain employment, if not attending school;
  5. I understand that I will not leave my home at any time without permission from my parents or designated guardian, or my Probation Officer, except to attend school or pursue employment authorized by my Probation Officer;
  6. I understand that I am not allowed to have in my control or reach or have access to any deadly weapon or accessories, to include, but not limited to: firearms, knives, bows, pellet or BB guns, bullets, arrows, or any other weapon or accessory that my probation officer deems to violate this section without the written permission of my probation officer;
  7. I understand that I am to obey any and all terms set forth by the Court at my sentencing matter.

Special Terms and/or Conditions may be imposed on any activity of the youth and/or family if deemed necessary and appropriate. Examples include:

  1. Curfew
  2. Employment search
  3. Electronic Monitoring and/or GPS
  4. Evaluations
  5. Educational Programming
  6. Substance Abuse Treatment
  7. Monthly supervision fees
  8. Community Service
  9. Counseling
  10. Et cetera

Justice Services

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