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Heat Wave Information

Heat Wave Tips, Warnings, Guidelines

Heat Illnesses Information (Prevention, Signs, Treatment):

Heat Illness Signs and Prevention – PennState Hershey Medical Center
  • Lists the types of heat illnesses and the signs of each
  • Lists tips to avoid heat illnesses
Heat Illness Signs and Treatment – CDC
  • Lists the types of heat illnesses and the “What to Look for” and “What to Do” for each
  • Explains the difference in the signs and treatment of heat exhaustion vs. heat stroke

Heat Wave Safety Tips:

Beat the Heat – CDC
  • Briefly outlines what a heat wave is, who is at high risk, where heat waves have an impact, how to avoid heat waves
  • Briefly talks about how the temperature outside impacts the temperature inside a car over various periods of time
  • Briefly explains the difference between the 3 different heat alerts
  • States some facts about heat waves
Top Tips to Beat the Heat – South Australia Government Health
  • Lists a few tips to stay safe in extreme heat
Heat Wave Safety – American Red Cross
  • Explains what a heat wave is and the difference between a heat watch, advisory, and warning
  • Lists steps to take before a heat wave
  • Lists steps to take during a heat wave
  • Explains how to treat heat-related illnesses
Hot Weather Tips – CDC
  • Explains tips on how people can stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed
Extreme Heat Information –
  • Explains steps people can take to prepare for a heat wave
  • Explains steps people can take to stay safe during a heat wave
  • Explains how to recognize the signs of heat-related illnesses and how to respond to them

Working in the Heat – Safety Tips for Employees:

Summer Worker Safety Tips
  • Lists a few tips for keeping workers safe in extreme heat
Working in the Heat – Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)
  • Lists and explains measures employers can take to keep their employees safe in extreme heat
  • Briefly outlines the signs and treatment of people with heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Keeping Pets Safe in a Heat Wave:

Hot Weather Tips for Your Pets – Animal Welfare League
  • Lists things you can do to ensure the safety of your pets in extreme heat
Keeping Pets Cool When it’s Hot – Nationwide
  • Lists potential dangers of pets in the heat
  • Lists some facts and signs of heat stroke in pets
  • Lists the “Do nots” with pets and the heat
  • Explains why leaving pets in cars is dangerous

Keeping Seniors and Children Safe in a Heat Wave:

Heat Wave Safety for Seniors – Dr. Barbara Resnick CDC
  • Lists some facts about the effect of heat on people
  • Explains why seniors are at a higher risk in extreme heat
  • Provides a list of safety tips
Nine Tips for Keeping Kids Safe from the Summer Heat
  • Lists nine tips for keeping kids safe in the summer heat

Tips for Staying Safe in a Heat Wave with no Air Conditioner:

How to Stay Cool without Air Conditioning - CNN Health
  • Lists ways to keep yourself cool and safe without air conditioning in extreme heat weather conditions
40 Tips to Stay Cool and Sleep During a Heat Wave (When you don’t have AC) – American Sleep Apnea Association
  • Lists 40 ways people can keep themselves cool and sleep better when they don’t have AC
11 Tips for Surviving a Heat Wave without Air Conditioning – MedicineNet
  • 11 Tips for keeping your house and yourself cool when you don’t have AC

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