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Federal Aid Construction Projects

Below are Federal Aid Construction Projects in Nez Perce County - updated as of March, 2016.

Cherry Lane Bridge, Sponsor: Nez Perce County, Key # 9070

Description: This is a bridge replacement project over the Clearwater River on Cherry Lane Road off US12 in Nez Perce County. Roadway approaches, including US12, will be improved as a part of the project.
Status: The project has environmental approval as of March 2015. The consultant submitted right-of-way plans and legal descriptions. The right-of-way negotiations are in process.
Project Manager: Scott Ellsworth
Construction Year: 2020

Webb Ridge Road; Webb Road/Flat Iron Road, Sponsor: Nez Perce County, Key # 13892

Description: This safety improvement project will install advance curve warning signs at two (2) curves and install guardrail.
Status: PS&E submitted and is ready to be sent to ITD for bidding process.
Project Manager: Dan Coonce
Construction Year: 2016

Southwick and Coyote Grade Guardrail, Sponsor: Nez Perce County, Key # 18873

Description: This project will make improvements to a 600 ft. section of Southwick Road; along an approximate 400 ft.radius 90 degree curve. Southwick Road is a two-lane paved roadway with log truck and seasonal farm truck traffic. This project will also make improvements along an approximate 0.25 mile long section of Coyote Grade Road. Coyote Grade is a gravel rural local road with an average 20 foot wide travel way. This project is part of the 2016 LHSIP Group Guardrail project.
Status: The Final Design submittal has been prepared and further work on the project is pending Environmental Approval. Cultural approval is waiting for a cultural review by the Environmental Consultant and the Nez Perce Tribe Representative. The Construction of this project will have to be moved back a year from 2016 to 2017 and will also need to be broken out of the Group Guardrail projects.
Project Manager: Kevin Kuther
Construction Year: 2017

River Road; Bedrock Road to Railroad Ave., Sponsor: Nez Perce County, Key # 19639

Description: This project installing advance warning signs, guardrail on the outside of the curve and realigning the curve to soften the sharp curve along this roadway from Bedrock Road to Railroad Avenue.
Status: The State and Local Agreement has been signed by Nez Perce County. The consultant selection process has been initiated (No Change).
Project Manager: Kevin Kuther
Construction Year: 2017

McGary Bridge, Sponsor: Nez Perce County, Key # 10521

Description: This project is bridge reconstruction and roadway improvements of McGary Bridge over Potlatch River.
Status: Contract has been awarded. Construction will begin in July
Project Manager: Megan Kautz
Construction Year: 2015

More Information and Quarterly Progress Status Reports are availabe at
The Local Highway Technical Assistance Council website

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