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Civil Division of the Sheriff's Office

The Nez Perce County Sheriff's Civil Division is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


The Civil Division’s primary function is to assist the general public and state entities in serving civil and court documents to individuals regarding civil and criminal actions being brought against them. This includes a close working relationship with the deputies assigned to serve the paperwork to ensure every effort is made to secure proper service. Civil service includes but is not limited to: summons and complaints, civil protection orders, garnishments, subpoenas, all paperwork generated by Health and Welfare, juvenile summons, small claims, 3-day eviction notices, summons for evictions, notices of hearings and writs of executions.

This division is happy to assist anyone with procedural questions regarding any of the civil paper process. Our staff strives to be informative, professional and courteous to the general public as well as other agencies seeking our services.

The Civil Division is also responsible for executing writs for seizing of real and personal property, conducting Sheriff sales when directed by a plaintiff under a writ of execution and collecting delinquent personal property taxes under warrants of distraint per Idaho Code 63-1012 and 63-1106.

Civil Paper Service Fees

The fee for paper service is $50.00 per individual to be served and must be prepaid prior to service. Idaho state and county government agencies are exempt from the fee.

A $75.00 fee is required for garnishment service, and once the garnishment begins the Sheriff’s Office will assess a percentage of the amount collected as well as interim Sheriff’s fees from the employer on each check received.

For other fees, see the table below or contact the Civil Division.

Service Information

Deliver or mail the documents you want served as soon as you can. Be sure to include a letter of instruction to the Sheriff stating who, what, when, where, and any other information you may have that will help us serve your document(s); the letter of instruction must be signed and dated by you or your attorney. Even with the best instructions you give us, it is sometimes difficult to locate the person(s) you want served.

The more time you allow for service, the better the chance that we will be successful on your behalf. We will contact you by mail once the service is complete or if we were unable to complete the service. It is your responsibility to send the original return of service to the court of record.

Remember that, although we will serve ALL of your papers, certain court documents such as small claims orders, summons and complaints, subpoenas, orders to show cause and notices can be served by anyone over the age of 18 who is not a party to the action. Due to the number of cases we receive and the service fees, you may choose to have someone other than the Sheriff’s Office serve your documents.

The Sheriff's Office is the only agency that can serve an enforcement document (writ).


Nez Perce County Civil Sheriff's Fees

2011 Rates effective August 8, 2011

Affidavit and Order$25.00$25.00 
Arrest in Criminal Proceeding   
Cancellation of Service Before Attempt $25.00 
Cancellation of Service After Attempt $25.00 
Certificate of Redemption $25.00 
Certificate of Sale; Personal Property $15.00 
Certificate of Sale; Real Property $15.00 
Commission With Levynot to exceed $150  
Commission Without Levynot to exceed $150  
Commissioner of Insurance (S/C)$25.00$25.00 
Criminal Summons$25.00$25.00 
Deed, Sheriff's$25.00  
Garnishments (see below)
    One Time Execution$25.00$25.00 
    Continuous (commission not to exceed $75)$25.00$25.00 
    Interim Return$15.00 
Levy (Commission on receiving and paying over on money execution regarding land or personal property when levied and sold. (On 1st $1,000, it is 2%; on all amounts over $1,000, it is 1% more; if no sale, it is $100)
Moving and Storage Costs  $1,000.00
No Found Return $25.00 
Notice of Levy$10.00  
    Record Notice of Levy (Real Property)
        current rate for Recording at
        County Auditor/Recorder's Office
Notice of Sale - First Notice$10.00  
    Posting Each Additional Notice$10.00  
Notice Pay Rent or Quit$25.00$25.00 
Notice to Quit$25.00$25.00 
Notice to Vacate$25.00$25.00 
Order for Appearance or Examination $25.00$25.00 
Order to Show Cause$25.00$25.00 
Personal Property Only
    Small Claim Writ$25.00$25.00 
    Serve Affidavits and/Or Notices$25.00$25.00 
    Preliminary Injunction$25.00$25.00 
    Real Property - Levy and Sell$25.00$25.00$350.00
    Serve Notice of Levy on Recorder$25.00  
Restraining Order$25.00$25.00 
Sale Notice$10.00  
    Posting Each Additional Notice$10.00  
Subpoena - Civil$25.00$25.00 
Subpoena - Criminal$25.00$25.00 
Small Claims Court S/C$25.00$25.00 
Summons and Complaint$25.00$25.00 
Summons and Petition$25.00$25.00 
Temporary Restraining Order$25.00$25.00 
Tenant Three Day Notice$25.00$25.00 
Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit$25.0025.00 
Warrant of Distraint$25.00$25.00 
Writ of Assistance$25.00$25.00 
Writ of Attachment$25.00$25.00 
Writ of Execution$25.00$25.00 
Writ of Possession - Personal Property$25.00$25.00$200.00
Writ of Possession - Real Property$25.00$25.00$200.00
Writ of Restitution $25.00$25.00 
Fingerprinting, Idaho Residents$10.00  
    for each subsequent card$3.00  
Fingerprinting, Out of State Residents$10.00  
    for each subsequent card$3.00  


Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez

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Lewiston, ID 83501

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