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In an attempt to limit the exposure of COVID-19 to our employees, the Sheriff's Office is taking the following actions:

03-25-2020 Nez Perce County Driver’s License is now closed.

Drivers License Examiners will be taking phone calls at 208-799-3138 ext. 1 from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday or you may call the ITD Main Office at 208-334-8736. They are open 7am-4pm. If you have something that can be emailed or faxed in 208-334-8586 or E-mail ITD driver's license

We will not be issuing any Drivers Education Permits or new applications for Concealed Weapons Permits that require fingerprints.

Please go to ITD.IDAHO.GOV to check for online renewal options or extension documents. Documents expiring between 03/01/20 and 05/31/20 have been given extensions until 06/30/20. You will need the extension letter to carry with your document. Extension letters are also available in the main office lobby of the Sheriff’s Office and the Courthouse. Manuals will also be available in both locations. There are several different services available online, such as: Online Driver's License renewals, extensions, MVR’s (driver’s license record) and address change forms.


Driver's License

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Located at 1150 Wall Street in North Lewiston
Location Map

Class D testing hours: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
CDL testing hours: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

License Information
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1-year (Age 17) $15.00
3-year (Under 18) $25.00
1-year (Age 20) $15.00
3-year (Ages 18 to 20) $25.00
4-year (Age 21 and over) $30.00
8-year (Ages 21 to 62) $55.00
Supervised Instruction Permit
(SIP) (Minimum age 14 1/2 years old)
Instruction Permit (IP) $15.00
Knowledge Test $ 3.00
Skills test administrative fee $ 6.50
Skills Test $17.50
Duplicate License/IP/SIP $15.00
1-year (Age 20) $15.00
3-year (Age 18 to 20) $30.00
4-year (Age 21 and over) $40.00
Instruction Permit
(must have Idaho license)
Knowledge Test $ 3.00
Endorsement knowledge test $ 3.00
Skills test application fee $10.00
Skills test $60.00
Additional Endorsement $15.00
Duplicate License $15.00
License Upgrade $25.00

(in addition to Class D license fees)

Instruction Permit (must have a valid Idaho license) $15.00
Duplicate Permit $15.00
Knowledge Test $ 3.00
Skills Test (collected by skills tester) $10.00
One-Time "M" Endorsement $15.00


ID Card (no age limit)

Under Age 18 $10.00
Ages 18 to 20 $10.00
4-year (Age 21 and over) $10.00
8-year (Age 21 and over) $20.00
Duplicate ID (same fee as original)

Items required to register a student for driver's training:

Instruction Permit
(Permit $15, skills test application fee $6.50)



  • Minimum age 14-1/2 years
  • State certified birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • School ID Card or other form of photo ID
  • A parent that is listed on the birth certificate must accompany the student
  • The parent must present a photo ID
  • If the parent's name is different than what is shown on the birth certificate, the parent must present documentation showing name change such as divorce decree/marriage certificate or other legal documentation
  • If under age 18, verification of compliance from school they are attending

To surrender an out-of-state license and acquire an Idaho license, and individual must:

  • Be a resident of Idaho and apply within 90 days of residing in Idaho.  CDL holders must be licensed in Idaho within 30 days of residency
  • Provide proof of residency via: rental or lease agreement, utility bill, employment records, school enrollment records
  • Out-of-state applicants are required to take a written test
  • If out-of-state license has been expired for 25 months or more, a road test will be required in addition to the written test

Additional Information

You can obtain a copy of your driving record by accessing the Idaho Transportation Department website for $9.56 or from your local Driver License Section for $7.00.

Questions regarding license suspensions and reinstatements must be answered by the Boise Department of Motor Vehicles at 208-334-8735 or check the Idaho Driver Services website for further information about drivers licensing for online manuals, fee schedules, and change of address requests.


Starcard Acceptable Documents

Where to Write for Vital Records - Birth Certificate, Marriage License, etc.




Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez

Office Location
1150 Wall Street
Lewiston, ID 83501

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Mailing Address
1150 Wall Street
Lewiston, ID 83501

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