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Scheduled Tax Deed Sale Date and Property Listing


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Commissioners of Nez Perce County, State of Idaho, in compliance with Idaho Code Section 31-808, will offer for sale to the highest bidder at public auction at the front door of the Nez Perce County Courthouse in Lewiston, Idaho, on April 18, 2018, at the hour of 11:00 a.m., the following described real property acquired by Nez Perce County through tax deed.


Location:43028 Red Fir Lane, Winchester, Idaho
Taxpayer:Jimmy I Click and Carol L Click
Parcel Number:RP0309000C003AA
Legal Description: Lot 3 in Block C of Soldier’s Meadow Subdivision, according to the official plat thereof, Official Records of Nez Perce County, Idaho. AND an individual 1/53rds interest in the following: Park and Spring in Block D, Soldier’s Meadow Subdivision, according to the recorded plat thereof on file in the Office of the Recorder of Nez Perce County, Idaho.


Location:1002 Main Street, Culdesac, Idaho
Taxpayer:Brian Trail, c/o Mike Trail
Parcel Number:RPC353W0147575A
Legal Description: That part of Government Lot 18, Section 14, Township 35 North, Range 3 West, of the Boise Meridian, described as follows: Commencing at the Southwest corner of said Lot 18; thence North 68°32’ East a distance of 80.0 feet to the North line of the Camas Prairie Railroad right of way, and the True Point of Beginning; then North a distance of 81.2 feet to the South line of the county road; thence North 83°46’ East along the South line of the county road a distance of 64.78 feet to a point; thence North 68°30’ East along said county road a distance of 11.5 feet to a point; thence South a distance of 98.2 feet to the North line of said railroad right of way; thence North 85°35’ West along said right of way a distance of 75.22 feet to the True Point of Beginning.

TERMS OF SALE: CASH. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved. Nez Perce County makes no representation or guarantee as to the accessibility, value, usability or condition of the properties to be auctioned. Nez Perce County does not warrant title to any properties to be auctioned. All accrued taxes, late charges, interest and costs will be brought current by purchaser on the date of sale.


Reminders About Your Tax Payments
Be Aware of Due Dates
Be aware of the important dates and deadlines for payments, applications for property tax relief and assessment appeals. It is particularly important that you be aware of your property tax due dates. Tax bills are mailed on each parcel, however, failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse the taxpayer from paying the taxes, late charge, and interest accrued, if any.

Address Changes
Be sure to notify the Assessor's Office whenever your mailing address changes.

Mailing Tax Payments
When mailing a tax payment, make sure the envelope is U.S. postmarked on or before the due date.

Idaho State Tax Commission
For sales tax forms and filing information, go to the Idaho State Tax Commission website, contact them at 800-972-7660, or e-mail the tax commission.


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