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Office Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Information: 208-799-3195

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Elected Officers
TitleNameE-mailPhoneFaxWeb Page
AssessorDan Anderson 208-799-3010208-799-3037Assessor
Clerk/Auditor/RecorderPatty Weeks 208-799-3020208-799-3070Clerk/Auditor
CommissionerDon Beck 208-799-3090208-799-3149Commissioners
CommissionerDoug Havens 208-799-3090208-799-3149Commissioners
CommissionerDoug Zenner 208-799-3090208-799-3149Commissioners
CoronerJoshua Hall 208-799-3074208-746-2084Coroner
ProsecutorJustin Coleman 208-799-3073208-799-3080Prosecutor
SheriffJoe Rodriguez 208-799-3131208-799-3101Sheriff
TreasurerBarbara Fry 208-799-3030208-799-3037Treasurer

Commissioner Departments Contacts
DepartmentNameTitleE-mailPhoneFaxWeb Page
Emergency Comm 911Dave Taylor911 Coordinator 208-746-4911 Home.aspx
Emergency Mgmt. Director 208-799-3084208-799-3152Emergency Management
Extension Agent   208-799-3096208-799-3054Extension Office
Information SystemsRandy ButtenhoffDirector 208-799-3126208-750-2052Information Systems
Justice ServicesShawn McDowellDirector 208-799-3176208-799-3181Justice Services
Noxious Weed   208-799-3060208-799-3064Noxious Weed
PersonnelCharla HallTechnician 208-799-3198208-799-3149Personnel
Planning and BuildingAlison TompkinsPlanner 208-799-3197208-799-3149Planning and Building
Road and BridgeMark RidingerDirector of Highways 208-799-3004208-799-3064Road and Bridge
Rural Addressing   208-750-2055
or 2056
208-750-2052Rural Addressing
Rural Fire Department   208-799-3074208-746-2084Rural Fire

Office Locations
Collapse All Expand All
Commissioners 208-799-3090
Emergency Management 208-799-3084
Social Services 208-799‑3094
Personnel Department 208-799-3198
Planning Department 208-799-3197
Building Inspector 208-799-3035
Coroner 208-799-3074
Fire Department EMERGENCY 911
Non-Emergency 208-750-2040
Toll Free 1‑800‑720‑4134
Assessor 208-799‑3010
Auditor/Recorder 208-799-3020
Accounts Payable 208-799-3022
Jury Information 208-799-3020
Jury After Hours Information 208-799-3025
Payroll and Accounting 208-799-3024
Auto Licensing/Vehicle Registration 208-799-3026
District Court 208-799-3040
Citation Payments/Court Information 208-799-3040
Judges' Secretary 208-799-3057
Information Systems 208-799-3126
Network Administrator 208-750-2054
Treasurer 208-799-3030
Property Tax Information 208-799-3030
Extension Management 208-799-3096
U of I Extension/Agricultural Agent 208-799-3096
U of I Home Economist 208-799-3096
U of I 4-H and Youth 208-799-3096
Fair Office 208-743‑3302
Adult Misdemeanor/Juvenile Probation Dept. 208-799‑3176
Prosecuting Attorney 208-799‑3073
Juvenile Detention Center 208-799‑3153
Noxious Weed Control 208-799‑3060
Road Department 208-799-3060
Gifford Shop 208-836-5799
Leland Shop 208-289-4711
Sheriff Emergency 911
Other Business 208-799-3131
Toll Free 1‑800‑896‑6426
Civil Division 208-799-3135
Driver's License 208-799-3138


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